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‘emailnmuber.360.com’ is all devoted to take care of your online secrecy and provides indispensable protectionn from all online threats. Here, it is not allowed to share or make disclosure of users’ private and delicate information which is shared online by them.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy at ‘emailnmuber.360.com’ describes about the limitations of sharable and non-sharable data like users’ posts and contact information. If you have something to speak about our privacy policy or you have your review to share with us, you can send your posts to ‘emailnumber.360@gmail.com’. You have our assurance that all essential efforts will be made to amend them.

Privacy basics for Data sharing

You have all freedom to communicate to us with your reviews and personal contact information. The contact information that users provide us is just for the recognizance of their identity and that can be shared with others on the premises of mutual consent.

Users’ online data can also be collected through the ‘cookies’ just to find out the users ‘preferences and the experience they are having on our support portal. The personal information that is collected through the ‘cookies’ will be taken into consideration in accordance with our privacy policy.

Users are quite independent to accept or reject the cookies but cookies are disabled, website might not work well as it works when cookies are enabled.

Why your information is valuable to us?

Our privacy policy doesn’t authorize us to sell your information or the data you have shred online to anyone for the purpose of trade and business transactions.We keep your data only for the purpose to have an understanding of your preferences and need so that the services which are provided through the ‘emailnumber360.com’ could be made more efficient and resourceful.

Users’ all information is just for the research purpose so that we can explore the online changing trends and can grow as according to that.

Counterfeits and online cheats

Any counterfeits or any online fraud is not acceptable at ‘emailnumber360.com’.

To give wrong information or provide incorrect or unauthorized credit card details is a sensitive crime and users need to keep in and that if they do so the appropriate legal action can be taken against them.

We also give the assurance that users’ details which they share with us for the purpose of financial transaction are safe and secured at ‘emailnumber360.com’

Modifying our privacy policies

our privacy policies are framed according to the premises issued by the legislation. We also take users’ review in our consideration to obtain positive feedback from them.

We are promising at ‘emailnumber360.com’ to provide you our services duly in accordance with the privacy policy along with giving you the protection of your online information and from online threats as well.