Why SBCglobal Email Going to Spam?

There is no doubt that the services of SBCGlobal email have improved exceedingly after its merger with AT&T. The email service aims to offer you the finest emailing experience. However, it is also true that some technical errors here and there are inevitable. The same is also valid for SBCGlobal as well. Many common problems keep on troubling users every now and then. One such problem is SBCGlobal email going to spam. 

In such a problem, the SBCGlobal email starts going to the spam folder instead of the inbox folder. Generally, such problems occur due to incorrect filter settings. However, many other reasons are also possible. In this post, we will let you know about the reasons why your SBCglobal email goes to the “Spam” folder. Apart from this, we will also provide you 100% accurate solutions to get rid of such a problem. 

Why Emails on SBCGlobal are going to spam?

We have already mentioned above in this post that there are many factors due to which SBCGlobal email can land in the spam folder instead of your inbox. It is very important for you to know all these reasons in order to fix them. 

IP address used for spamming – It is possible that the IP address from which the sender is sending you the email might be used for spamming. Please note that email services are taking many precautionary measures to keep their users safe from spamming. One such precautionary measure is tracking the IP address of the spammer. If an email arrives from such an IP address it got diverted to the spam folder automatically. 

Low Mailbox usage – If the person doesn’t usually send you emails and all of a sudden he starts delivering you messages then this can raise a flag for spam filtration mechanism. Again, this mechanism is to prevent spam emails from landing in your inbox. But, sometimes, this technique can also stop or divert genuine emails to your spam folder. 

Adding misleading information in the “From” field – Some users try to mislead others by changing their names. For example – there are many cases in which users try to fake their emails like they are coming from a celebrity. If the person sending you emails is also trying to do the same then his/ her email can also be filtered out to your spam folder. It is possible that the sender might be your friend and doing it just for fun still the filters will consider it spam. 

Using Spam Triggering Words in the Email body or subject – There are many words that are identified by the spam filtration algorithm of SBCGlobal. If the emails you are receiving include these kinds of words then they will get filtered out to the Spam folder. A few of the spam triggering words are as follows – “Order Now”, “Cancel At Any Time”, “Special Promotion”, “Congratulation”, “Great offer”, “Increase Sales”, “This is not spam”, “Guarantee”, “Free or Toll Free”, “Risk Free”, “Check or Money Order”, etc. 

Previous emails marked as spam – If you have marked the email of a sender as spam previously then it is possible that his next email might land in the spam folder automatically. This happens to keep the spam emails away from your inbox. As soon as you mark an email as spam, the sender got identified by the system and it starts to filter out his emails. 

Now, after knowing all these possible reasons you must have been enlightened a lot about these problems. Remember, to fix the problem you need to eliminate the factor that is causing the issue.

How to stop SBCGlobal emails from going to the spam folder?

There are many ways that which you can improve the deliverability of your SBCGlobal emails and stop your emails from landing in the Spam folder. 

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that your SBCGlobal email account follows all the application “Spam Laws”.
  • Another good way to avoid your emails from landing in the spam folder is by adding embedded images in your email. It is so because spam filters always look out for those emails with images having hidden messages. 
  • You should always make sure that your email doesn’t sound like a spammer. For that, you must avoid using spam triggering words in your email. We have listed some of the common spam-triggering words above in this post. 
  • It is also advised that you should never use “All caps” or “Colourful fonts” or too many exclamation marks in the email. 
  • Spam filters try to hunt to those bad HTML codes that seem like written on MS word and copy-pasted. In case you are also looking to include such information then it is better to follow the templates. 
  • If you are attaching a file then make sure it is in the safe format i.e. “.jpg”, “.gif”, “.png”, and “.pdf”. You must avoid attaching executable file formats like “.exe”, “.swf”, “.apk”, etc. 
  • Make sure that the emails you are sending are genuine. Don’t try to impersonate someone while sending an email. Remember, email spam filters these days are now getting smarter. They will track you and filter your email if you try to impersonate someone.  

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