Microsoft Account Password Reset & & Change and Update Password without Phone Number

Microsoft Account Password Reset: If you are a bit of tech geek then you might know how useful a Microsoft account can be. To use almost every service of Microsoft like MS outlook, skype, or even MS office, you need to a properly working Microsoft account. In order to access, your account you must remember your Microsoft Account Password. Despite knowing its importance, it is quite common for many Microsoft users to forget their account password every now and then. Fortunately for such users, Microsoft has provided a pretty straight forward method by which they can reset their password. In this post, we will the simplest process of Microsoft Account Password Reset along with all the necessary details.

How to reset Microsoft Account password?

You should note that it is not possible to recover exactly the same password that you were using previously. Instead, you can only reset the Microsoft password and create a new one. Given below are the steps that you should follow in case you are looking to recover MS Account password. 

  • To begin the password recovery, you need to go the password reset page i.e.
  • Then in your Microsoft email address, phone number, or skype name that use to log in to your MS account. 
  • Click on the “Next” button once you are done with entering the email address, phone number, or Skype name. 
  • After that, Microsoft will ask you where you’d like to receive the security code. You need to select any of the following options. 
    • Alternate contact email address
    • The phone number associated with your Microsoft account. 
  • Click on the “Next” button after select the password recovery method. 
  • In case you don’t recognize the email address or phone number linked with your account then ensure that you have entered the correct username. Please note that many a time, a misspelling can lead you in a wrong direction.
  • In case you don’t have a phone or email address linked with your Microsoft account then you need to click on the “Recover your Microsoft account if you can’t receive a verification code”
  • Then, to receive the verification code to confirm your identity, you must click on the “Send Code” link. 
  • Now, you will receive the security code either on your phone or email address associated with your Microsoft account as per the option you have selected in the previous steps. 
  • Look from the security code received on your phone or email. In case you don’t find the security code then you should check your junk folder. If you are unable to find the verification code then you may click “Use a different verification option” option. 
  • Enter the security code in the “verify your identity” field and then click “Next”.
  • Now, it is time to create a new password for your Microsoft account. Type your password in the “New password” field. Confirm the new password by entering it for one more time. 

That’s all guys, you don’t need to do anything else in order to reset your Microsoft email account. 

How to Change Microsoft account password?

As you can see we need to verify our identity in order to reset the Microsoft password. This verification is important so that anyone else can’t access your email account. However, if you can’t remember your current Microsoft password then you don’t have to face the hassle of identity verification. Given below are the steps that you should follow in case you know your current Microsoft password and looking to change the same. 

  • In order to change the password, first thing you need to do is sign-in to your Microsoft account using your current password 
  • Choose the “Security” option once you are done with signing into your account. 
  • Then, you have to select the “Password Security” option. 
  • For the security of your account, Microsoft will again ask you to enter your current. Provide the current password of your Microsoft account. 
  • Enter a new password for your account. Confirm the new password by entering it for one more time. 
  • Finally, click on the “Save” button to finish off the process. 

Your Microsoft Account password is now changed. To check your new login credentials you log into your account one more time. Please note that changing the Microsoft account password will change the password of all associated services including outlook, skype, etc. 

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