How to fix Roku Error Code 005?

How to fix Roku Error Code 005?  Streaming devices like Roku have drastically changed the TV viewing experience. Now, your favorite shows and movies are at your fingertips. You can enjoy them whenever you want. It is true that Roku lets you enjoy the best of entertainment. At the same time, it is prone to some errors and issues as well. One such issue that is very common is Roku Error Code 005.

There are so many factors that can cause this kind of problem. Luckily, you can fix Roku Error Code 005 easily if you know the right process to do so. Go through this post if you are also wondering how to resolve Resolve Roke Error 005. Here, we will let you know the step-by-step process to do so in the easiest manner possible.      

What is Roku Error Code 005?

To understand the solution to fix any error it is important for you to know the error thoroughly. Roku Error Code 005 is an error that occurs due to the termination of software updates download. A large number of Roku users face issues while downloading software updates due to which Roku Error Code 005 appears. 

In addition to outdated software updates, there are some more factors due to which such a problem can occur. Whatever be the reason you should try to fix this error as soon as possible. It is so because Roku Error Code 005 can render you unable to use your Roku device. 

Why you are facing Roku Error 005?

As mentioned above there are multiple factors that can cause such an issue. Here, we have created a list of common factors often responsible for Roku Error Code 005. 

  • Internet Issue – You should note that Roku is a device that works on the basis of the Internet. Those who aren’t connected to the internet might have to deal with several kinds of Errors including Error Code 005. So, whenever you use Roku you must ensure that it is connected to the Internet. At the same time, you must know that no internet can pause the software download updates. 
  • Device Version you are using – It is always recommended that you should use the latest version of Roku. An obsolete Roku device often results in different kinds of problems. In case you are using an older version of Roku that is not compatible with the software requirements you want to download then Roku Error 005 occurs. Please note that this is the most common reason behind such an error. 
  • Server problem – This one is a rare factor behind the Roku Error Code problem. Many a time, servers are down due to scheduled maintenance. Due to this server issue, Roku Error Code 005 can occur. Please note that you can’t do anything to fix such as problem. You just need to wait till the servers are up and running again.

How to resolve Roku Error Code 005?

There are numerous solutions that you can try in order to resolve Roku Error. Some of these solutions are as follows. 

Use the Ethernet Cable Connection

  • Those users who are connecting to Roku through wifi should consider using the Ethernet cable connection. In most cases, an ethernet cable helps a user troubleshooting the issue. 
  • All Roku devices have an ethernet port that you can connect easily. Given below are the steps that you can follow to connect ethernet cable. 
    • Check your router and Roku device and make sure that they are connected and turned on. 
    • Connect the ethernet cable with the router from one end and to the Roku device at the other end. 
    • Confirm that your router is connected to the Internet. 

Check Roku Network Settings

If you are sure that you are connected to the Internet and still facing Roku Error Code 005 then you should check Roku Network Settings. Remember, Roku has some restrictions to connects to the Internet due to some networking security protocol. In order to resolve Roku Error Code 005, you will have to adjust the contemporary protocol settings. The procedure to do the same is explained in the following points. 

  • First of all, you should go to the router admin interface. 
  • Then, go to the router settings. 
  • After that, you should check your device’s IP address.
  • Now, check the wireless security carefully. It needs to be WPAK-PSK (TKIP). 

Check the Roku Server Status

The last thing you can do to fix Roku Error Code 005 is checking the Roku Server Status. Contact Roku Customer Service and ask them if there is some server issue at their end. You can’t do anything but wait if there is a server issue at the end of Roku. Don’t worry because the technical team of Roku might be working already in an event of a server problem. Apart from error code 005, the server issue is one of the prominent factors behind Roku Error Code 009, Roku Error Code 003, etc. 


You should be able to get rid of Roku Error Code 005 after following the solutions discussed in the post. However, if the problem continues then you should contact the Roku Customer Service team and look for a solution. They will assist you by providing more advanced solutions. 

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