How do I solve the error 550 5.1.1 in Gmail?

How do I solve the error 550 5.1.1 in Gmail?

If you write a message in your Gmail account to send your any recipients but meanwhile you found that an error message called “550 5.1.1” damn sure this message is occur when there is any problem with recipients server. In this situation you are not able to send any kind of mail to your recipients.

Error sending and receiving 550 550 5.1.1

But today in this post you will find the easy solution to solve how to overcome of the problem 550 5.1.1 in Gmail.

  • Mostly the problem is related with recipient’s server, if there is any incorrect email address is given in the email. And if there are in kind of typos in recipients email then surely you are not able to send the message, because it means the address which you are trying to send the mail has never exist.
  • If sometime there is any mis configuration and bug in the recipient’s mail server which cause the failure of message. The message will bounce also, because if recipients don’t have the email address which you are sending and it cause this error 550 5.1.1. So what are their exact solutions? Simple you can check or validate the recipients email address which you have given in the mail for any errors or spelling mistake.
  • This problem has also occurred in this case if the DNS setting is not correct so that what happen? Obviously the recipient’s mail server cannot find the account and your message will definitely bounce. This also happens if the SPF entry or wild card DNS is not correctly set. Then what are their exact solutions? Simply user can verify the MX records for domain by the help of this command: dig MX
  • Including these above errors, some configuration problem or error in mail server can cause this 550 5.1.1 issue. So what the user will do in that case? Simply you can examine all error logs and email headers of that bounced emails. You can also testing email routing in server which helps you to detect the errors.

So if you want to overcome of this problem, never send any large newsletter or large group message to the recipients. But unfortunately if you found that error again then contact to technical experts for better solution.

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