Google Docs Not Working on Chrome

Those who are working professionals might know what Google Docs are. It is an awesome word processor software that allows you to create, edit, and share files. Slowly but surely, Google Docs has taken over other word processing applications like MS Word. There are millions of users around the globe that use Google Docs on daily basis. The reason why Google Docs is so preferred is that they are easy to access and use.

Most of the time, Google Docs work flawlessly on Chrome because both of them are Google products. However, on some rare occasions, you might have to deal with some issues. Go through this post to know what are the common Google Docs Problems on Chrome and how you can get rid of them in an easy manner.

Common Google Docs Issues on Chrome

As mentioned above, both Docs and Chrome are products of Google. Hence, both of them are compatible with each other. Still, you might face some technical glitches here and there. We are listing some of the common glitches that are often faced by users.

  • Google Docs not opening on Chrome
  • Google Docs not working on Chrome
  • Unable to run Google Docs on Chrome
  • Google Docs opening very slowly on Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome not opening any Google Docs Document
  • Can’t edit Google Docs on Chrome
  • Not able to open any Google Docs document on Google Chrome
  • Unable to share Google Docs on Chrome
  • Google Docs Sharing Errors on Google Chrome
  • Google Docs hanging on Google Chrome

Please note that these are some of the most common errors. It is quite possible that the problem you are facing might not be mentioned on the above list.

Why Google Docs isn’t working on Google Chrome?

There is a large number of factors due to which Google Docs might show malfunctioning. In fact, different reasons are possible behind various kinds of issues. To help you out, we are explaining a few of the most common factors that can stop Google Docs from working properly on Chrome.

  • Weak Internet Connection – Google docs is an internet-based application. So, if you are not connected to a strong and fast internet connection then you might have to face issues.
  • Size of the file – It is also possible that the size of the file you are trying to edit or open is too big. In such a case, Google docs take a lot of time in processing the file. Having a good internet connection is also important to open big files on Google Docs.
  • Incompatible file – Google Docs is a word processing document. It is doesn’t support all file formats. So, if you are trying to open a file that is not compatible then you might have to deal with errors.
  • Using an outdated browser – Please note that Google Docs works the best on the latest version of Google Chrome. Those who are using an obsolete (Outdated) version of Chrome can encounter different issues.
  • Opening too many tabs – We like opening various documents on different tabs. While doing this, we sometimes open too many tabs. You can get confused and also face technical glitches due to a large number of opened tabs.
  • Incompatible Plugins and Extensions – The reason why we add extensions and plugins to our browser is to make our internet browser smoother. However, some incompatible extensions can be problematic as well. A few problematic extensions can also stop google docs from opening properly on Google Chrome.

How to fix Google Docs not working on Google Chrome?

To fix Google Docs that is not working on Chrome, you need to eliminate the factor that is causing the issue. Let’s go through the solutions that you may try in order to fix Google Docs that aren’t working on Google Chrome. Remember, these solutions are progressive in nature. It means you should try the other solutions only if the previous step doesn’t work.

1st Step – Check your Internet Connection

  • Most importantly, you need to ensure that you are connected to the internet.
  • In case, there is a problem with your Internet connection then you must contact your Internet Service Provider.

2nd Step – Make sure you are operating with a compatible version of the browser

  • You should ensure that you are using the latest updated version of Google Chrome. Always remember, Google Docs work best with the latest version of chrome.

3rd Step – Check the format of the file you are operating with

  • Confirm that the format of the file you are trying to open through Google Docs is supported.
  • Generally, we use “Doc”, “.Docx”, and other documents format on Google docs.

4th Step – Clear Cache and Cookies

  • If you are not able to open documents on Google docs then you may try again after clearing the cache and cookies of Chrome.
  • The steps to clear cache and cookies on Google docs are as follows.
    • Firstly, press “Ctrl” + “H” keys on your keyboard
    • Click on the “Clear browsing data” option available on the left-hand side.
    • Choose the “All time” option in the time range.
    • Finally, click on the “Clear Data” button.

5th Step – Close extra tabs

  • In case there are too many tabs opened on your browser then you should close the ones that are of no use.

6th Step – Disable add-ons and Plugins

  • You should also try to identify and disable the problematic add-ons and plugins from your browser and try to run Google Docs again.

7th Step – Try to run the file after disabling Antivirus.

  • Sometimes, an antivirus application can also block Google Docs from running properly.
  • If none of the above steps help you then it is better to disable Antivirus and try to run Google Docs once again.

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