Find some difficulty to Send or Receive the Mail in MSN? Get Feasible Solution Here.

Find some difficulty to Send or Receive the Mail in MSN?

Microsoft is a giant multinational company who deals and develops computer software. This is one of the largest companies in the personal computer industry. It offers various types of features and services which make the user task simple and easy. Similarly in the field of mailing, the Microsoft provides one of the best web mail services called MSN.

Unable to send their mail or receive their mails in MSN

The MSN is an integral part of Microsoft that’s why it is abbreviated as Microsoft Network. For easy and convenient mailing MSN is perfectly suitable. But in most of the cases we find some trouble regarding MSN like: users are not able to send their mail or receive their mails in MSN. If you interact with this kind of problem then follow the post below for proper solution.

  • Due to setting issue this certain problem has occurred. So kindly check your setting. For this, open your MSN then go to tool and click Account. After that click on Mail tab, here you will see list of all email account. Remove the extra or duplicate account and click on other general tab, server tab, etc to check your setting.
  • If there is any spelling mistake in domain name, username and password then surely it happens. So, keep check your spellings.
  • By mistake sometime if caps lock is on then you face this error; make sure the password is case sensitive.
  • Sometime you receive the message but didn’t send it, in this case check your outgoing mail setting i.e. SMTP. Immediately contact to your internet service provider to verify your SMTP setting.
  • Sometime you successfully send the message but nor able to receive, it seems the problem is related to your mail setting. Properly check your POP3 setting. You can also login to your web mail and if you found any suspicious email which blocks your mailbox then quickly delete that email.
  • Check whether it is browser problem or not, because sometime due to browsers issue this type of error fluctuates.
  • Due to expire of domain, fall you in trouble.
  • If you newly install some firewall and antivirus then it keeps you away to send and receive the mails. Here you have to disable this to get rid of this problem.

Well! these all steps are enough to solve your problem but still facing any difficulties then straightaway get in touch with technical experts for solution.

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