Solution for Bellsouth Email Sending Receiving Errors – Unable to Send & Receive

Bellsouth email sending receiving errors: Gradually, emails have gained a reputation of being one of the simplest methods to communicate especially for formal communication. There a lot of people who are still using their Bellsouth email account. If you are also a Bellsouth email user then you might know that you can use it only through the AT&T website as the company is now merged with AT&T. Most of the time, Bellsouth email works flawlessly. However, Bellsouth email sending and receiving errors are also very common. 

The good thing is that you can get rid of most of the Bellsouth email sending and receiving errors with ease if you know the correct method to do so. Go through this post to know how you can get rid of most of the Bellsouth email sending and receiving issues. 

Why should I do if I am not able to send Bellsouth email?

There is no doubt that Bellsouth is a magnificent email service that works fairly well through the AT&T website. But, complaints like Bellsouth not sending an email, Unable to send Bellsouth email, etc. are quite common. If you are also finding it difficult to send Bellsouth email or not able to send Bellsouth email at all then you should try the following solutions.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the device on which you are running Bellsouth email is connected to the Internet. It is obvious that you will require a good internet connection in order to send an email.   
  • Check and confirm that the browser on which you are trying to open Bellsouth email is compatible. In addition to compatibility, it is also important for you to make sure that you are using an updated version. Those who are using an obsolete version should update the same immediately. 
  • Check the format of the email you are trying to send. Some email formats are not supported in AT&T. So, make sure you are trying to send such a file. 
  • It is also important for you to check and confirm that you are not making any typing mistake while entering the email address of your recipient. 
  • Make sure that the size of an email you are sending is not beyond the permissible limit. If the size of the email is too big then you may divide it into multiple emails. 
  • Also, ensure that the format of the attachment you are trying to send is supported. It is not possible to send an email with an unsupported attachment. 
  • Try to send the email again after switching to another browser. 
  • If you are using a third-party email client then you should make sure that you are using the correct IMAP/ POP settings. 
  • Another way to fix this problem is switching POP from IMAP or vice-versa.
  • Those who are not able to send Bellsouth email through iPhone or Android should ensure that they have enough storage space on their phone to run the application smoothly.
  • It is also possible that your Bellsouth email account might be blocked by AT&T. Generally, an email account is blocked due to sending a large number of spam messages.  
  • If none of the above steps works for you then you should contact the recipient by any other medium and ask them if they have blocked you mistakenly.   

How to fix Bellsouth not receiving emails?

Not being able to receive an email can be quite frustrating especially if you are expecting an important one. Check out the steps listed below that you should follow in case you are not able to receive Bellsouth emails.  

  • First and foremost, make sure that you are connected to the internet. An internet connection is necessary to fetch new emails from the server. 
  • Ensure that there is enough space available in your Bellsouth email account to store new emails.
  • It is also possible that the email you are expecting might have landed in any other folder such as spam or junk.  
  • Check the filter settings in your Bellsouth email. Make sure that the email you are expecting is not getting filtered out. 
  • Make sure you haven’t blocked the sender mistakenly. In case you have done the same then you must unblock and request the sender to send the email once again. 
  • Those who are unable to receive Bellsouth email should on iPhone, Outlook, or any other third-party email client make sure that they are entering correct IMAP/ POP settings. You may consider switching to POP from IMAP or IMAP to POP. 
  • In case the problem continues for a longer time then you may switch to another device and see if can receive the emails. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check out answers to some of the most commonly asked related to Bellsouth email sending and receiving errors.

Question – 1: What is the maximum number of attachments and size of the attachment I can send through Bellsouth email?

Answer: You can attach up to 50 files with a combined size of up to 25 MB with a Bellsouth email. 

Question – 2: Can you name some of the compatible browsers for Bellsouth email?

Answer: We recommend you opt for any of the following browsers for a smooth experience. 

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari for Mac

Question – 3: What is the correct IMAP settings to configure Bellsouth email different third party email client? 

Answer: The settings to set up IMAP setting on Bellsouth email are as follows.

  • Email Protocol: IMAP
  • Inbound Server:
  • Inbound Server: 993
  • SSL: Yes
  • Outbound Server:
  • Outbound Server: 465 or 587

Question – 4: How many Bellsouth emails I can send in a day?

Answer: You may send up to 500 emails in a day. However, you can send an email to a maximum of 100 people in a day.

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